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Terms of Use – Vamonos

Welcome to Vamonos.com This website and the related domains TuCaminoACasa.com and NoMasRent.com (‘Sites’), together with the services provided through the Sites are owned and operated by Vamonos Holdings, LLC, [Subsidiaries: Vamonos Real Estate Services, LLC, dba Vamonos Realty, headquartered at 7880 Bent Branch Drive, Suite 100B, Irving, Texas, 75063 (Together rleferred to as ‘Vamonos’)]. These Terms of Use which include the Vamonos Privacy Policy, and Security Policy serve as the ‘Agreement’ between you and Vamonos regarding the Services, and provide important information to you, including information about your obligations about content and our limitation of liability to you. By accessing, downloading, or using any portion of the services, you signify that you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of the Agreement. If you do not accept the terms of the Agreement, you are not authorized to use this site.

1. Who Can Use the Sites

Users must be at least the age of majority in the state where you live to use the Sites,

Users must be a resident of the United States.

Do not use the Sites if you are under 13 years of age.

2. Intellectual Property Ownership and License

  • Copyright All materials (including source code, data, images, and other content) contained in the Services, including the selection and arrangement of the materials, are owned by Vamonos or are licensed for use on the Sites. Please review the Vamonos Privacy Policy, legal notices and terms of use of Licensor with respect to any licensed materials contained in the Sites.
  • Vamonos and Vamonos trademarks, service marks, graphics, patents and logos used in connection with Vamonos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vamonos. Vamonos also owns trade secrets and know-how that contribute to the functionality of the Services.
  • MLS Data on our Sites is the property of the individual MLSs providing the data who have granted Vamonos the licenses to display the Data on the Sites. Please refer to MLS Terms of Use for more information related to MLS Data.
  • Webscraping, downloading or webcrawling of any property or other data for inclusion in another real estate search site or aggregator, is forbidden without prior written consent from Vamonos. You may not modify, reproduce, redistribute, decompile attempt to commercially gain from your use, or misuse of the Services or any of their components. We may revoke your permission or block or prevent you from accessing the Sites, at our discretion without notice.
  • Reservation of Rights. Vamonos reserves all of its intellectual property rights in the Sites. This Agreement does not grant you any right or license with respect to any trademarks and logos.
  • Vamonos is not responsible for any errors in displayed information or delays in displaying information transmitted from other entities or persons or was obtained through publicly available government sources.

3. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Vamonos Does Business in Accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law (The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988)

4. Vamonos Communications

You agree that Vamonos may communicate with you through the contact information associated with your Vamonos account, or that you otherwise provided to Vamonos including your device ID, email, mobile number, telephone, or the postal address you provided, if applicable.

5. Indemnification.

Vamonos will not be responsible for, and you expressly agree to indemnify, defend, and to hold Vamonos, its affiliates, service providers contractors and all of their directors, officers, employees, contractors, and agents harmless from, every claim, damage, loss, delay, cost (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees) or liability which arises, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from: (a) your actions or omissions, or those of third parties; (b) your negligence or breach of any agreement with Vamonos; (c) any warranty that Vamonos is required or deemed to make to a third party in connection with your transactions; (d) any ambiguity, inaccuracy, or omission in any information provided to Vamonos; (e) any error, failure or delay due to a breakdown in any computer or communications facility; (f) accidents, strikes, labor disputes, civil unrest, fire, flood, water damage (e.g., from fire suppression systems), war, emergency conditions, or other natural disasters; (g) causes beyond Vamonos’s reasonable control; (h) legal constraint, (i) Vamonos’s inability to confirm to us the authority of any person to act on your behalf; (j) Vamonos honoring or acting upon any instructions received in accordance with the security procedures or otherwise in accordance with your instructions or the terms of this Agreement; and (k) Vamonos failing or refusing to honor or act upon any instructions received that are not in accordance with the security procedures, any user guides or Vamonos’s instructions.

Neither Vamonos, nor its affiliates, service providers, contractors nor any of their directors, officers, employees, contractors, and agents shall be responsible under any circumstances for special, indirect, or consequential damages which you incur as a result of any of their actions or omissions, even if Vamonos is aware of the possibility for such damages and regardless of the legal or equitable theory of liability asserted, including, without limitation, loss or damage from subsequent wrongful dishonor resulting from Vamonos’s acts or omissions pursuant to this Agreement.

6. Disclaimers.

Vamonos provides the Services on an “as-is” and “as available” basis, and does not provide any express warranties or representations. Vamonos disclaims any and all implied warranties and representations, including, without limitation, any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, or accuracy of data. Termination of your use of Vamonos shall be your sole and exclusive remedy. Vamonos disclaims all liability for identity theft or any other misuse or your identity or information by others.

Vamonos disclaims any and all liability associated with or caused by any interruption or errors in functioning, including those caused by maintenance, updates, system failures, impossibility of access, disturbances related to internet service providers or the saturation of the internet network, or for any other reason. The contents of this section may not apply in jurisdictions that do not allow the disclaimer of implied terms in contracts with consumers.

7. Limitation of Liability.

In no event will Vamonos be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, indirect, consequential, special, incidental, or punitive damages, related to or resulting from the use of the services. The exclusion of damages under this section is independent of your exclusive remedy set forth below, and survives in the event such remedy fails of its essential purpose or is otherwise deemed unenforceable. These limitations apply without regard to whether the damages arise from Breach of Contract, Breach of Warranty, Negligence, or any other cause of action to the extent such exclusion and limitation is not prohibited by applicable law. If you do not agree with any part of these terms of use in whole or in part, your soles and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the Services.

8. Dispute Resolution

Any claim or controversy arising out of or relating to the use of the Sites, to the goods or services provided by Vamonos, or to any acts or omissions for which you may contend Vamonos is liable, including but not limited to any claim or controversy as to arbitrability (‘Dispute’), shall be finally, and exclusively, settled by arbitration, held before one arbitrator under the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association (‘AAA’) in force at that time. The arbitration shall be venued in El Paso, Texas, and the arbitrator shall be selected pursuant to the AAA rules or from a list of arbitrators provided by Vamonos.

9. Legal – Other

  • Notices. You may contact us via mail or courier at: Vamonos Real Estate Services, LLC, dba Vamonos Realty ATTN: Legal Department, 7880 Bent Branch Drive, Suite 103, Irving, Texas, 75063
  • Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction or arbitrator to be illegal, void, or unenforceable, the unenforceable provision will be modified so as to render it enforceable and effective to the maximum extent possible in order to effect the intention of the provision.
  • Agreement. You agree that this Agreement constitutes the entire, complete and exclusive agreement between you and Vamonos regarding the Services and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, or whether established by custom, practice, policy or precedent, with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.
  • Amendments. We reserve the right to modify, supplement, or replace the terms of this Agreement, effective upon posting Sites or notifying you otherwise.
  • Waiver, Injunctive Relief, Assignment and Delegation. Our failure to act with respect to a breach of this Agreement by you or others does not waive our right to act with respect to that or any other breach. In no event shall you seek or be entitled to rescission, injunctive or other equitable relief, or to enjoin or restrain the operation of the Services. You may not assign or delegate any rights or obligations under the Agreement. Any purported assignment and delegation shall be ineffective.
  • Vamonos Assignment and Delegation. Vamonos may freely assign or delegate all rights and obligations under the Agreement, fully or partially without notice to you.
  • Copyright Infringement. If you believe your work has been used on the Sites in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact our Legal Department with: your name, address, phone number, and email address, so that we can reach you; identification of the copyrighted work(s) you believe to be infringed; a statement, made under penalty of perjury, that you are the copyright owner or are authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf. 7880 Bent Branch Drive, Suite 103, Irving, Texas, 75063

MLS Terms of Use

Before we can show you pictures and prices of sold homes, or show you comments on active listings from Vamonos our MLS data providers require you to acknowledge that you’re considering Vamonos as your real estate agent, however you have no obligation to work with a Vamonos Agent to buy or sell a home.

You are entering into a lawful consumer-broker relationship with a Vamonos as defined by applicable state law, though you have no obligation to work with Vamonos Real Estate Services and you can terminate your account at any time. Any information you obtain from the Vamonos websites (“sites”) is intended for your personal, non-commercial use.

You will not copy, redistribute, or retransmit any of the information provided except in connection with your consideration of the purchase or sale of an individual property.

You acknowledge that the individual multiple listing service (MLS), which supplies the listing data, owns such data and you acknowledge the validity of the MLS’s copyright to such data.

Vamonos explicitly authorizes MLS employees, MLS members, or their duly authorized representatives to access Vamonos RES’s sites for the purposes of verifying compliance with MLS rules and monitoring the display of listings.

Registered users agree to the Vamonos Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which apply to all users of the website and/or application.

Vamonos Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is very important to us.By visiting Vamonos.com and/or the related domains TuCaminoACasa.com and NoMasRent.com (‘Sites’), owned and operated by Vamonos Holdings, LLC, [Subsidiaries: Vamonos Real Estate Services, LLC, dba Vamonos Realty, headquartered at 7880 Bent Branch Drive, Suite 103, Irving, Texas, 75063 (Together referred to as ‘Vamonos’)], you are accepting the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Vamonos collects information about you when you use our websites and through other interactions or communications you may have with us or through our services. This privacy policy applies to any user of our services for any reason and anywhere in the world.

What Information We Collect

Information you provide directly: When you use our services, we collect a variety of information from you directly, including personally identifiable information. This information is obtained from your online registrations, searches, applications, surveys or other forms you may complete. For example, when you register to use our services, you provide us with certain personal information, such as your name, physical address, e-mail address or phone number.

Information You Provide By Using Our Services: In addition to the information that you provide directly, we collect and store information depending on your level of engagement with the Sites, such as cookie information, your unique device identifier, the page or subject areas you visit, your browser program, Internet Protocol address, operating system and language, the state or country from which you accessed our Services, the information you request, the date and time of your visits, the websites you visited before and after visiting our websites, error logs, preferences expressed, settings chosen, hardware and software information of your device and your geo-location information so that we can interact with you to provide geo specific information, such as homes for sale near you and information about listing your home for sale. We may also derive your approximate location based on your IP address. Mobile users can turn off our access to your geo-location by adjusting ‘location services’ within your mobile device settings. We use the information listed above to help diagnose Site problems and performance, analyze trends, customize your experience on the Sites, provide targeted information about Vamonos services, and to administer the Sites.

Cookies: We collect information about how you interact with the service, preferences, and settings. In some cases we do this through the use of cookies and similar technologies such as web beacons that create and maintain unique identifiers. While you are free to disable cookies on your browser, we recommend that you leave cookies activated to use some of the most useful Vamonos features. To learn more about this, please see the Security section.

Real Estate Preferences. We may collect information on your real estate searches and preferences using the Service, including about whether you plan on buying or selling real estate, home search criteria, information about financing for the purchase of real estate, and other information related to the purchase or sale of real estate.

Registered Users: When you are signed in to your Vamonos account through any other third-party authorization service, we may make use of the data that they provide us to further customize your experience.

Account Password Security: Your Vamonos account password is encrypted on our server, and is known only to you.

Account Updates: By visiting your My Profile tab, you can correct, amend, add or delete personal information associated with your account. However, even after you update information, we may maintain a copy of the original information in our records.

Vamonos Real Estate Services, LLC, dba Vamonos Realty Clients (Vamonos Real Estate Services): When you start working with our agents, you become a Vamonos Real Estate Services, LLC Client. As part of the home purchase or sale process, you will need to provide a lot of information as is customary for a home purchase or sale transaction. This information can include, without limitation, your name, address, phone number, email address, buyer loan pre-approval documentation and seller property information. We may ask you for loan pre-approvals from a mortgage broker or lender to determine which homes are in your price range, and to help you make an offer more quickly when you do find a home. As a seller, you are legally required to disclose certain information about your property to prospective buyers. Once you sign a Listing Agreement or Buyer Agreement with us, your relationship with Vamonos Real Estate Service is governed by that agreement, as well as our online Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

Information Sharing and Disclosure.

Registered Users: We share your information with Vamonos personal in the normal course of business and with Vamonos affiliates, including Pacific Union Financial, LLC dba Vamonos Credit. We will also share your information third parties, such as marketing partners. Our contracts with marketing partners provide they are not allowed to use your information for any purpose other than supporting and promoting our Sites

Vamonos Real Estate Services Clients: Home sales and purchases are a matter of public record, and your name and address, the price you paid, your property taxes, and other information will be available from public sites. We post on our Sites some information that typically becomes part of the public record of a home sale or purchase.

In addition, we share information obtained from you that is not public record in order to facilitate your home purchase or sale transaction to service providers, home seller service providers such as MLSs, other listing websites and related vendors; and home buyer service providers such as title companies, escrow agents, inspectors, closing attorneys, lenders, and other third parties as needed.

Email Communications

Vamonos communicates with both account holders and Clients about their accounts by email. If you do not want to receive alerts or marketing email from us, please visit:

Changes to Privacy Policy

Vamonos reserves the right to amend this policy at any time, without notice and continued use following the posting of changes to this policy will mean you accept those changes.

Anti-Fraud Disclosure:

Electronic communications such as email, text messages and social media messaging, are neither secure nor confidential. While Vamonos has adopted policies and procedures to aid in avoiding fraud, even the best security protections can still be bypassed by unauthorized parties. Vamonos will never send you any electronic communication with instructions to transfer funds or to provide nonpublic personal information, such as credit card or debit numbers or bank account and/or routing numbers.


If you receive any electronic communication directing you to transfer funds or provide nonpublic personal information, EVEN IF THAT ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION APPEARS TO BE FROM Vamonos or its affiliates, do not respond to it and immediately contact Vamonos. Such requests, even if they may otherwise appear to be from Vamonos, are likely part of a scheme to defraud you by stealing funds from you or using your identity to commit a crime. To notify Vamonos of suspected fraud related to your real estate transaction, CONTACT US. [email address and/or other contact information TBD]

Contact Us:

Please contact us if you have more questions. If you have any questions about this policy, please email us at [ ]. You can also write to us at: Vamonos Real Estate Services, LLC, dba Vamonos Realty headquartered at 7880 Bent Branch Drive, Suite 103, Irving, Texas, 75063


This explains our policy regarding any personal information you might supply to us when you visit this site. Our goal is to protect your information on the Internet in the same way that we protect it in all the other ways we interact with you: in person and on the phone.

You can visit this site and find out about our products and services, read about our company, download forms or get other value-added services without giving us any information about yourself.

If you do provide personal information, such as address, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers, as well as demographic and customer identification, it will be sent to us over a secure connection using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Email communications are not encrypted, unless otherwise noted. Therefore, you should not send any personal information by email.

We will maintain this information, as well as your business activities and transactions, according to our usual strict security and confidentiality standards.

In order to provide better service, we use ‘cookies.’ A cookie is a small piece of information which a web site stores on your web browser on your computer and can later retrieve. The cookie cannot be read by a web site other than the one that set the cookie. We use cookies for a number of administrative purposes, for example, to store your preferences for certain kinds of information.

Most cookies last only through a single session, or visit. None will contain information that will enable anyone to contact you by telephone, e-mail, or postal mail. You can set up your web browser to inform you when cookies are sent, or to prevent cookies from being set.


Equal Housing Opportunity.

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