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How to find a good real estate agent

anix 3 months ago

Finding a good real estate agent

Buying a home is one of the greatest joys and achievements of your lifetime. A real estate agent is a key support who can help you navigate unfamiliar territory and equip you with the insights and information to help you make the best choices. The right real estate agent will listen to your needs and help you solve issues and answer questions along with any unexpected things that come up. But how can you size up who is the best qualified real estate agent to represent you? Here are a few key factors to consider:

  • Talk to recent clients: Ask the agent to provide you with a list of what they have sold in the past year, with contact information, and have the agent point out people who were particularly happy or not with their services. If you are selling, ask if the previous houses they sold are similar to yours in price range and location.
  • Evaluate their licenses: States have boards that discipline real estate agents who don’t comply. Before hiring an agent, you can check to see if they are licensed and if they have had any disciplinary actions or currently have complaints. This also alerts you how long an agent as been doing business, and their level of experience. One place to start this research nationally is in the Association of Real Estate Licence Law Officials website, then search for your state’s “real estate licensing division” to find out when the licence was issued, and in some cases complaints and suspensions.
  • Look for a good track record: There is no shortage of real estate agents, so it’s important to find one that stands out. If agents have received recognition for their work, particularly by their peers, this is noteworthy when hiring them. You can also ask them to provide you with a copy of their production record from the MLS, or ask another agent to do this, here you will find out how many homes the agent sold in the past year, how much they sold for and where they are located.
  • Industry knowledge: An agent with experience and knowledge can help you navigate the pitfalls of the homebuying process. Ask them how long they have been in business, and what areas of expertise they have. If they have been engaged in buying and selling homes in a particular area or price range for longer than five years, then you know they will be able to expertly guide you. You want an agent to demonstrate knowledge of the types of houses and price range you are looking for.
  • Area expertise: Ask your agent about houses that are for sale in the area you desire. If the agent is keenly familiar with what properties have sold recently, or can quickly get back to you with that information, it shows their expertise and ability to stay on top of changes that could impact your search.
  • Flexibility: While it is good if an agent has many good reviews, it is helpful to know that they are as confident helping you buy a home, as they will be down the line when you want to upgrade and need to sell your current home. An agent who understands the needs of both buyers and sellers will make the entire transaction a lot better.

Here at Vámonos Realty, we understand the importance of buying a home. That is why we have our own real estate agents who care about you and your needs. Our agents understand the industry, the community, and can provide the help you deserve.


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