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Calculate your ideal commute to minimize stress

anix 3 months ago

How far do I want to commute to work?

One of the challenges homeowners sometimes face is figuring out how far they are willing to live from their work, since the location of their home has a direct impact on their daily commute.  While spending an hour in traffic isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, neither is living in a not-so-desirable location. Here are some factors to think about when determining how to balance where you live and where you work.

Think of the kids first. If you have kids, purchasing a home in a location with good schools is important. If you choose a location with a short commute to work and this means choosing an area with low-performing schools it may not be worth it, since this could impact your children’s education and their futures.

Do you have a stressful, physically demanding job? If your job requires a lot of physical activity or long periods of time on your feet, you may need to consider a home that is close to your job. Even if the home is not in the best area, it might be better than a 30-minute to two-hour drive after a grueling day at work, which could cause the inability to make good decisions on the road.

Urban versus rural. You may be a country person at heart, but you’ve landed a job in a major city’s urban core. Or you may love downtown life but have a job in the suburbs. The key is to decide what is more important to you—avoiding a long commute or living where you feel most comfortable.

Can you work remotely? Working for a company that allows you to work remotely from home part of the time could help you balance your commute and where your home is located. If a company allows you to telework at least two days per week, then a long commute may not seem as daunting. Driving only three days a week is more manageable than five or more days.

Money. Of course, the biggest factor in how to balance your home location and your work commute might just come down to money. According to a Lifehacker article, each mile you live away from your job costs $795 in commuting expenses per year. The numbers are even higher if you are a two-commuter household. According to the article, with the money you’d be investing in a long commute you could instead buy a house that’s worth $15,900 more than you planned. Is it worth the long commute for the house in the pretty good neighborhood? Or would you rather save money by moving a few neighborhoods (and miles) closer to work?

Let us help you!

At Vámonos Realty we know it’s tough to find that perfect balance between where you live and how long your commute is. We have plenty of people on our team who deal with that on a daily basis. Call us today, and let us help you figure out how to purchase a home that’s in a desirable area and ensures that you are happy with your work commute.


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