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How you can start the home buying process

anix 3 months ago

Buying a home

Buying a home is an amazing accomplishment, but it can be a long and confusing process. What exactly do you need to do if you want to buy a home? At Vámonos Realty we make it easy for you. Here are some things to think about when purchasing a house.

  1. Know what you can afford: Before you start looking at houses, you should have a rough idea of how much down payment you can come up with and what kind of monthly payment you can afford. Don’t forget to make sure you also have enough liquid cash for the closing costs.
  2. Credit scores: The higher your credit score, the better. Make sure you and your co-borrower’s credit scores are in order before you start the homebuying process. Typically, a credit score of 580 or higher is recommended so you can qualify for an FHA loan with a 3.5% down payment.
  3. Research: Once you have an idea of what you can afford and you know your credit score won’t be an issue, start researching the areas where you want to live. Look for the type of house you want. Compare your needs versus your wants.
  4. Find a real estate agent and a lender: It’s always a good idea to get prequalified with a lender so the process will go smoothly when you want to make an offer on a house. A real estate agent is your go-to person for any questions about the houses you’re looking at and will work hard to help you find the perfect home. The agent may even show you homes you may not know are on the market.
  5. Once you find the house you want, make an offer: As soon as you find the perfect home for you, you’ll want to make an offer since the housing market can be competitive. But before you make that offer, be sure to evaluate all aspects of the house as well as the neighborhood.
  6. Get a home inspection: Not getting a home inspection could cost you thousands of dollars in the future. A home inspection can reveal if the house you are purchasing has any structural damage or anything that needs to be fixed. If there are any issues with the house, your agent can help you work through them, even negotiating a lower price or lower closing costs.
  7. Close on the home: This part of the process is full of paperwork and includes closing costs. But at least you’re very close to move-in day when you complete all the paperwork.
  8. Move-in day: The final step of buying a house is when you get the keys and walk into your new home. You’re officially a homeowner, and you’re finally home!

Vámonos Realty is your path home. From finding the right house, to getting financing, the Vámonos Realty team will help you every step of the way. Together we can help you achieve your American dream!


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